Canada By Treaty: Negotiating Histories


The Department of History curatorial team, James Bird, Heidi Bohaker, and Laurie Bertram, are profoundly grateful for the support this project has received.

Exhibit consultants Sherry Farrell Racette, Amos Key Jr., and Jeffrey Hewitt provided invaluable advice and clarification on content, design and legal points. Kind thanks also to Michael Borsk and Caroline Young and our colleagues Sara McDowell, Desmond Wong, Marcel Fortin, and Byron Moldofsky.

Students in Bohaker’s 2016 seminar, HIS419F/1118F Canada by Treaty, helped research the draft content for this exhibit. Their class field trip to the Woodland Cultural Centre and Mohawk Institute Residential School opened their minds to how conciliation with First Nations means honouring treaty relationships.

To our generous sponsors we say:

Nia:wen! Miigwetch! Marsi nenesthen! Thank You! Merci!

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